Finding Light

My heart is pounding as I begin my first post on this blog. I am not really the type to display such confidence in myself- creating something that projects my thoughts and actions for the world to see. I never saw myself as the “blogger” type, but hey, sometimes God sees things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Of course I am plagued with discouraging thoughts like “Is anyone really going to read this blog?”, but I cannot deny the feelings that have urged me to start this adventure.

My goal with this blog is to find light in this world that is so saturated in pain, and negativity. To encourage people to connect with themselves, a Higher Power, and the world around them. Making memories with the people we love the most, and focusing on the beauty in the world.

Opposition in this life is inevitable. Challenges that seem insurmountable, can totally rock our world and leave us feeling alone and hopeless. There is a power that enables us to do hard things, and to find happiness despite the struggles that we face. It can shine a light in our lives when all seems lost. When I am outside experiencing the beauty found in nature, I feel most connected with this power. I hope to gain a stronger connection with my creator, and to help others find this connection as well.

When I look at my beautiful baby girl, I can only hope that I can guide her in a direction that is filled with light and happiness. I hope that I can help create experiences for her in her early years that she can reflect back on throughout her life and remember the happiness she felt when she was connecting with the beauty in the world around her.

Adventurer #1, Baby Adventurer, and Adventurer #2 gets photo cred.

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